Monday, May 31, 2010


So my husband is currently on leave before deploying, so we thought, hey lets go visit family!

So we packed our family of 3 kid (1 teenager, two in car seats) into our itty bitty little Toyota Yaris and took off on a 7 our car trip down to FL. Now, you might be wondering what could top a 7 hour car trip without sufficient...leg...or body room?
How about getting to your destination, only to realize that your 1 month old baby has a temp of over 102! So off to the hospital we went, which is where we've been for the last 3 days. Baby Faith is doing just fine, if not a little cranky. I've been with her non stop( getting sick myself along the way!)

So what have I done while waiting in the hospital for my baby girl to get better? Why, knit of coarse! While I was going to start on one of the hats.. I realized that I had only grabbed the purple yarn.... not the reds :( So I started knitting the soaker I had planned.

And almost 1 full diaper saoker later I find myself unable to complete my project...for possibly quite a while... Why, you might ask, is that? Well because in my sleep deprived knitting state the other night, rather than putting my favorite size 2.5 knittting needles back in my knitting case, I put them into my yarn bag instead... and that bag just happened to by on the ground next to my bed...and I just happened to trip while holding Faith and my foot just happened to land right on my bag...where I heard the tiniest of snaps... and when I opened my bag I found this:

Now these are supposed to be fixed circular needles.... not interchangeable... theey're not supposed to come off like that...yeeeah...

So now I can either finish my diaper cover with bigger leg cuffs than I would like..or, wait until I order new needles and finish it then... what to do...

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