Monday, June 14, 2010


So as you may have read while in the hospital with Faith I took my free time(when I wasn't shaking like a bowl full of jello) and spent it knitting her a soaker. You may also remember that I snapped my size 2 1/2 40" circular needles :( Well, I lucked out alittle and was able to get some size 3 DPNs from walmart a couple days after that. You have no idea how happy I was.... and alittle scared.. See I have purposely stayed away from DPNs since I started knitting, as soon as I could I looked up alternatives to sock knitting, and that's actually when I stumbled upon, my now favorite go-to knitting site. KnitPicks circular needles have a very thin VERY flexible connecting tube which allows users to knit in the round using what's called the "Magic Loop Method" While the name may seem silly the method is amazing. I can knit something as small as say, finger holes for gloves using this method! Easily

Anyways, I was out of luck with my needles, the smallest size needle that comes in my interchangeable set is a size 4.. I needed atleast a size 3, so I was stuck with the DPN's... and really it wasn't too terrible

It's a learning curve for sure, and I guess they're useful to have around(easier to make I-cords with) but my biggest problem was that rather than stopping once halfway through a round, I had to stop 3 times...and I can get distracted easily once I get to the end of a "row" lol I still much prefer the magic loop method of knitting, and I'm taking this opportunity to order size 2's this time.

Anyway, the biggest thing is that I was able to finish the soaker, and the leg holes didn't turn out too much bigger than I wanted them to either.

I was supposed to do a kitchener stitch to join the crotch together...but I HATE the kitchener stitch, so I used a 3 needle bind off instead, and am quit pleased with it... it's a little thicker & more noticeable than a kitchener would have been, but it's a seam.. it's fine if it's a little noticeable!

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