Monday, May 31, 2010


So my husband is currently on leave before deploying, so we thought, hey lets go visit family!

So we packed our family of 3 kid (1 teenager, two in car seats) into our itty bitty little Toyota Yaris and took off on a 7 our car trip down to FL. Now, you might be wondering what could top a 7 hour car trip without sufficient...leg...or body room?
How about getting to your destination, only to realize that your 1 month old baby has a temp of over 102! So off to the hospital we went, which is where we've been for the last 3 days. Baby Faith is doing just fine, if not a little cranky. I've been with her non stop( getting sick myself along the way!)

So what have I done while waiting in the hospital for my baby girl to get better? Why, knit of coarse! While I was going to start on one of the hats.. I realized that I had only grabbed the purple yarn.... not the reds :( So I started knitting the soaker I had planned.

And almost 1 full diaper saoker later I find myself unable to complete my project...for possibly quite a while... Why, you might ask, is that? Well because in my sleep deprived knitting state the other night, rather than putting my favorite size 2.5 knittting needles back in my knitting case, I put them into my yarn bag instead... and that bag just happened to by on the ground next to my bed...and I just happened to trip while holding Faith and my foot just happened to land right on my bag...where I heard the tiniest of snaps... and when I opened my bag I found this:

Now these are supposed to be fixed circular needles.... not interchangeable... theey're not supposed to come off like that...yeeeah...

So now I can either finish my diaper cover with bigger leg cuffs than I would like..or, wait until I order new needles and finish it then... what to do...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm hoping to have 3-4 finished projects by the end of June...normally I could do that easily, but having to feed & hold Faith alot means alot less time knitting. Not that I mind,but I really need to get these things done. I'm also going to be out of town these next two weeks, while my husband's on leave.. and after that we'll be preparing for his deployment... So I don't know how much free time I'll actually have.

The thing is, I really want to knit 2 soakers for Faith, because that will be a huge help with the diapering. Then I have to knit the 3 hats for the photographer. I want to knit atleast 2 by the end of the month.

I'm thinking that I'm going to knit 1 hat, 1 soaker, and repeat...hoping to get 1 done each week.... but we'll see if I'm being too ambitious or not... if my knitting goes slower than anticipated then I'll probably just knit the hats first, and put off knitting the soakers until later.

I have been able to knit, don't get me wrong. I've been knitting this cute bag that I'm planning on giving to my SIL, while waiting for my wool to arive. It's almost done. So between that and the stork sacks I've been able to knit 3 projects in 2 weeks, but those have all been large gauge needle quick knits... these are going to be on much smaller needles,taking much more time, but we'll see how it goes... I just need to work on time management... which is hard to do with my current situation...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I love the feel of new yarn...

Today all of my knit picks wool yarn came in!! I love it. The feel of it is great.
I got 7 skeins of worsted weight and 5 skeins of sport weight. I love the feel of the sport weight the most(that's the telemark yarn) You always expect 100% wool to be scratchy, but this has a nice feel, which I'm happy about because I'm mostly going to be using this wool to make diaper covers for Faith.
Originally I was going to use merino wool, because it is super soft, but I was told that it looses shape easily and doesn't hold up nearly as well as peruvian wool does, and in the end, I'm very glad with what I purchased!
Only downfall is that one of the yarns is a little darker than pictures and another one was alittle more red. Which I knew going into buying all of this without any color cards that the pictures wouldn't be 100% acurate, so 2 out of 12 wrong...not too bad.. it just means that I have 3 red rather than 2... lol.. I'll live :)

Anyways, tonight I'm going to finish up my knit bag that I'm making from bernat cottontots yarn, and then I can start on my first wool project! I can't wait to try out my new yarn!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloth diapers & knit covers

So I've recently made a huge jump to cloth diapers! (yay)

It is such a budget saver, it's unbelievable. Right now I'm only able to use about 4 cloth diapers aday, but that is about half my daily diaper changes, which is cutting my diaper cost in half! And pretty soon I'll be getting even more cloth diapers and will be able to go cloth full time! I'm sooo excited about that! :D

And the best part of all! An excuse to knit something new(like I really needed one, lol) I have a few patterns for cute wool diaper covers & skirties that will not only look super cute on Faith, but will be a huge budget saver when it comes to diaper covering. The knit picks yarn that I'm getting soon is 100% peruvian highland wool, and it's only $1.99-$2.19 for 110 yards! that can easily get me a full diaper cover for 0-3 month size!

Back to the cloth diapering. It is so much easier than I had anticipated. Really it's just adding an extra load of laundry every other day... honestly, it's no more work than that. Ok, sure when she starts on solids it might be a bit worse, but as long as Faith is BF 100% then the clean up is a breeze.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picking up the needles....

So I finally picked up my knitting needles last night for the first time since Faith was felt so nice to have them in my hands again :) It's only been 2 and a half weeks, but it feels like forever!
Anyway, it didn't take long for me to start on my new project, a hanging stork sack. I had to buy super large needles for it

Size 35... my first time using any needles over a size took some getting used to, but the project knitted up really fast, and before the night was out I had finished up!

It turned out alittle small, and I'm thinking that double stranding it might have made it a little bit too I'm going to make it in a larger size, maybe single strand and see how I like it.

Even though I don't absolutely love how the stork sack turned out, I'm still enjoying the knitting :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


So today I'm looking into buying yarn for my first pieces of "commissioned" work. I'm really excited and really nervous at the same time! I'm making a few hats and a "baby stork sack" as props for a local photographer! So not only am I making something for someone, but it'll be featured in photographs, and possibly in her portfolio as well! She's a wonderful photographer. She just took newborn pictures of Faith the other day, and I am in love with her work!

Anyway, I decided to go to KnitPicks for my yarn purchases. I've never bought yarn from them, but most of my knitting needles are from there. I have also used Knit Picks tutorials alot, they are one of my favorite go-to websites for knitting. I've also read alot of good things about their yarn, so I'm excited to try it out! (plus there is no good place locally to buy wool yarn)

So orders will go in soon and hopefully within the next couple weeks I can give my personal review of Knit Picks yarn, and start working! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First post

New to the whole blogging thing...trying to figure this thing out.

I started knitting when I became pregnant with my daughter, recently I became more serious about my knitting, and I wanted to start a knitting blog type thing. But not just about knitting, but about my life, my passions. Maybe somethings about the difficulties of being an army wife, or maybe alittle about the health benefits of my newest workout routine, or the struggles I'll be going through homeshooling a teenager for the first time! Who knows, but I figure that I'll mostly be posting about my passion for knitting, new projects and hopefully when I get brave enough a few patterns that I want to make, or atleast some fun alterations to some free patterns that I want to change up a bit :D

We'll see how it goes.

So, anyways, I was at a loss for what to call my blog, I'm not the most creative in that department, lol. So Kit-n-knits was named because of a random thought in my head... I took my name "Kitrina" and shortened it to "Kit" then for some reason I thought of kittens....and I thought of "kit-n" and it just went from there... lol... lame, I know.

I also tend to ramble alot...but I'll try to keep that to a minimum on here ;)