Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloth diapers & knit covers

So I've recently made a huge jump to cloth diapers! (yay)

It is such a budget saver, it's unbelievable. Right now I'm only able to use about 4 cloth diapers aday, but that is about half my daily diaper changes, which is cutting my diaper cost in half! And pretty soon I'll be getting even more cloth diapers and will be able to go cloth full time! I'm sooo excited about that! :D

And the best part of all! An excuse to knit something new(like I really needed one, lol) I have a few patterns for cute wool diaper covers & skirties that will not only look super cute on Faith, but will be a huge budget saver when it comes to diaper covering. The knit picks yarn that I'm getting soon is 100% peruvian highland wool, and it's only $1.99-$2.19 for 110 yards! that can easily get me a full diaper cover for 0-3 month size!

Back to the cloth diapering. It is so much easier than I had anticipated. Really it's just adding an extra load of laundry every other day... honestly, it's no more work than that. Ok, sure when she starts on solids it might be a bit worse, but as long as Faith is BF 100% then the clean up is a breeze.

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