Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Knits and my first Free pattern!! :D

OK, first I'll show you my new hat that I knit... I'm sure there are other hat patterns like this out there, but I was wanting to use a super bulky weight yarn and didn't see a pattern that I liked for it.

Using the Super bulky yarn made this a very quick knit, so perfect for the last minute holiday gifts, and very warm as well! :)
I knit these for 2 of my nieces because I wanted them to have matching hats(big sis little sis thing ^_^)

So here's the hat, I made it in an infant size
and in a child size

I'm sure just increasing the needle to a US size 13, and adding a few extra rows will adjust the infant to a toddler size and the child to an adult size.

OK, so Items needed
1 skein of Super Bulky yarn( I used just over half of the skein, so probably about 50-60 yards)
maybe 10 yards of 2 contrasting colors for the pompom, any weight yarn is fine, I used worsted(optional, but so cute!)
US size 11 circular needles, I use the magic loop method , so I used a 32 in cable.
1 large tapestry needle to weave in ends

(Just a quick note, I wrote out the pattern the way I like to print patterns out for personal use, I hope it's easy to follow and use...)

K -knit P- purl
CO - cast on k2tog - knit two together

CO 35 for infant and 42 for Toddler size

1. k around
2. p around
3. k around
4. k around
5. k around
6. k around
7. p around
8. p around
9. k around
10. k around
11. k around
12. p around
13. p(for infant size skip to round 19 after this round)
14. k around
15. k around
16. k around
17. p around
18. p(for extra length rep rows 14-18 here)
19. k around
20. (begin decrease)*k 5, k2tog, rep from *
21k around
22k around
23 *k 4, k2tog, rep from *
24 k around
25 k around
26 *k 3, k2tog, rep from *
27 k around
28 *k 2, k2tog, rep from *
29 k around
30 *k1,k2tog, rep from *
31 *k2tog, rep from *

Cut the yarn leaving a tail of about 6 inches, using the tapestry needle pull the tail through the last 6 stitches, pull tight and weave in ends

Make and attach pom pom to the top and you're finished :D
(this tutorial at techknitting is probably the best explanation for making a pompom, but I used a different method, just because of the materials I had at hand, it doesn't matter how it's make really)

There, quick and easy :D
Next year I think I'm going to make these in a dark green and put a bright yellow pom pom on top and call them Christmas tree hats! :)

(ok, this was longer than I thought, so the rest of my holiday knits will have to come in a different post! So stay tuned for holiday knits part two!!)

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  1. A pattern...when are you gonna teach me how to use it ;)