Thursday, July 15, 2010


I finished hat #3 of 3 for apple green photography! It's been alot of fun knitting these hats, and a huge learning experience! These were the first brimmed hats that I knit and it took me realizing that just because a brim looks cute in a picture doesn't make it practical for every hat, and through that learning experience I ended up trying about 3 or 4 brims before finding the one that I fell in love with and used for my 2nd and 3rd hat...

The first hat I strictly used 1 pattern, the second hat I modified a pattern, and the 3rd hat I took inspirations from about 3 or 4 different patterns to come up with my own... it's the first real pattern I've ever come up with on my own( I really can't count the socks that I knit, because even though I didn't follow a pattern, I still used a basic sock "outline" ) and I'm going to write it down and share it soon, because I really like it :D It is very similar to the second hat I knit, but by the time I was done with it it was so far removed from the pattern that I based the 2nd hat off of that apart from similar looks(remember the 2nd hat was already modified) and a similar brim, they're two very different hats.

Right now I'm blocking the hat... I realized after I was done that I have one kid with a head too small to model the hat, and another with a head too big to model it, so it will have to go unmodeled for now, and you'll just have to be happy with this picture!:p

I'm so so happy to have been able to have the opportunity to knit the for things I did for Apple Green Photography...the timing I realize wasn't Ideal, otherwise I would have knitted these alot sooner, between having Faith...getting used to raising a baby with a preschooler, to adjusting to my husbands deployment... it's been an interesting time, but I feel that it makes these projects mean that much more to me! I've been through so much over the past three months, and these hats have made that journey with me, lol ^_^

Next, I'm going to take a break from knitting for other people for some personal knitting, then in about a month or two I'm going to start working towards getting things set up for my etsy shop! You can visit it at! I still have alot of work to do with it, and the banner I just made real quick using Microsoft paint! haha... but I hope by the end of the year that I can have it up & running with a few items listed, but mostly I want to just focus on custom pieces ^_^ The biggest thing though, is that I've still got alot of learning to do.. there are way better knitters out there than me, atleast in my opinion, but I only started knitting last October, and I have alot of room for growth....I know it's along shot, hoping that anymore people might be interested in my work, but you never know... and besides... I'm mostly doing the etsy shop to keep myself busy while Matt's away.

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